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What is Local Law 11 in New York City?

If you are a property owner in New York then it’s most probable that you might have stumbled across the term “Local Law 11”. But if you haven’t really understood its meaning then don’t worry, we’re here to explain it to you.

Enacted in 1998, Local Law 11 also referred to as the Façade Inspection Safety Program or FISP, is a set of regulations that mandates the regular inspection of a building façade in New York having six or more stories.

FISP requires that the façade of the concerned buildings must be inspected at least once every five years. These inspections are not done by any regular worker or mason but only by a skilled engineer or architect known as QEWI (Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector). The QEWI status is granted by DOB New York itself only to skilled persons having the required experience.

This law was specially designed by keeping only one purpose in mind. To protect the general public from debris falling from the building’s façade. In the past, numerous incidents resulting in severe injuries or fatalities occurred due to debris falling from building facades. Which ultimately lead to the introduction of these safety laws.

Importance of Façade Inspection in NY

New York is the most populated city in the USA. The skyline of the city is filled with skyscrapers with exceptional heights, unlike any other city in the USA. Although these buildings reflect the progressiveness and technological advancement of the city, they also pose threats to public safety. All these tall buildings are densely packed in a small area, resulting in challenges that are unique to New York City.

Local Law 11 is specially designed to address all these challenges and to prioritize public safety during façade construction or renovation.

Role in Building Maintenance

Local law 11 requires the building owners in New York to put great emphasis on the structural integrity of their buildings. It requires that the façade should be constructed or renovated using only quality materials so that they can have maximum strength and reliability.

Besides, local law 11 operations can only be performed by skilled contractors having all the required licenses and approvals from DOB New York. benefits that accompany the local law 11 in building maintenance include

  • Prevents Accidents
  • Promotes Public Safety
  • Facilitates Timely Repair
  • Prevents Aesthetic Appeal of the Building

Compliance With Exterior Wall Regulations

A key aspect of local law 11 is to deal with all sorts of façade regulations for its proper upkeep. Following these regulations not only makes the vicinity of your building safe for the public but also prevents you from incurring heavy fines. Key aspects of the regulations including exterior wall regulations include

  • Provides Safe Conditions
  • Critical Façade Examination
  • Public Safety

Exterior Restoration and Compliance Requirements

Local law 11 encompasses every single façade element ranging from windows, exterior walls, and other appurtenances. Guidelines that must be complied with during restoration include

Facilitating Exterior Restoration

Nearly all sorts of façade problems are addressed by the local law 11, thereby facilitating and speeding up the façade repair process. These laws mandate the urgent repair and maintenance of every single façade issue that, if neglected, could result in potential catastrophe. It can help in the following ways

  • Early Detection of Issues
  • Identification of Restoration Needs
  • Prioritizing Safety
  • Compliance Requirement

Mandatory Inspection Timelines

Under LL 11, the DOB New York requires every building owner to hire a QEWI for a thorough assessment of their building façade once during the five-year cycle. The QEWI can be an engineer or an architect who assesses the building and prepares a report in collaboration with the DOB.

In this report, the building is classified in either one of the three categories. These are SAFE, SWARMP (Safe with a Repair and Maintenance Program), or UNSAFE.

If categorized as safe the cycle will continue for the next five years. Whereas, if categorized as UNSAFE, the QEWI will devise a maintenance program in coordination with the DOB. After the repairs are completed, the QEWI will submit the amended report to DOB which then updates the status of the building.

Expertise and Services

For over 20 years ABC Brick Pointing Contractors have been the most trustworthy and experienced local law 11 contractors in New York. We are primarily located in Jamaica but extend our services throughout New York City. our extensive range of local law 11 services includes

Façade Inspection

With our team at your service, you don’t need to worry about any of your façade repair issues. They can completely evaluate the façade condition through their meticulous visual inspection, close-up inspection, and occasional destruction assessment.

Project Management

Apart from repair and maintenance we also provide project maintenance services. All because of our years of experience in the industry. With a portfolio full of successful past projects, you can rest easy when ABC is at the service.

Detailed Reports Preparations

Following the inspection, we prepare comprehensive reports that detail all findings. These include photographs and descriptions of any issues or areas that require attention.

Repair And Maintenance Recommendations

After concluding the inspection process, we offer tailored solutions that are designed to eliminate the root cause of all the damages. These repairs will rejuvenate the strength of your façade and mitigate all potential safety risks.

Customer Testimonials

Neil Tyson (Property Owner)
"ABC’s expertise in Local Law 11 compliance is unmatched. Their thorough facade inspections and precise recommendations not only ensured our building's compliance but also enhanced its safety. Their dedication to quality and their proactive approach made them an invaluable partner in maintaining our property.’’
Anderson K.
"We were impressed by ABC Brick Pointing Contractor’s professionalism and expertise in conducting facade inspections. Their comprehensive reports and actionable recommendations made compliance seamless."
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Prioritizing your building’s façade is the best investment that you can make as it can significantly enhance the value of your property. Apart from value. It also protects you from heavy DOB fines that can be due to non-compliance with the LL11.

However, all these benefits can only be achieved if you have the services of a skilled and licensed local law 11 contractor at hand.

Partnering with qualified facade contractors like ABC ensures seamless compliance and enhances the overall quality and longevity of buildings in the urban landscape.

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